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Audiophilia New York Audio Show 2014 Report

New York Audio Show 2014

Alta Audio founder and designer Michael Levy [Full disclosure. Levy is an Audiophilia contributor – Ed] had a magnificent set up at the show with his new 7’ high ‘Statement’ tower speakers ($200,000/pair) containing (each) 3 ribbon tweeters, 4 midrange drivers, and 4 subwoofers in a very stylish, elegant black finish. Equipment included VAC amplifiers, DEQX HDP-4 Preamp processor, Mojo Audio upgraded Mac Mini with Joule IV Power Supply, PS Audio NewWave Phono Converter, PS Audio Transport, and VPI turntable. Showcased also, his other two series of exceptional speakers: Solo bookshelf with 1 driver ($1500/pair), and the amazing sounding FRM-2, 2-driver model $13,000/pair; $15,000 with the low profile stands, and $18,000 with the elegant high gloss black stands. (Special finishes are available on order and cost slightly more.) Room was equipped with: Stillpoints for support/anti-resonance, Waveform Fidelity power cables.

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