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Customer Review – Karl Sigman

I have been privileged to have heard the FRM-1s numerous times and also to witness the remarkable/ingenious transformations that Mike pulled off (stubborn and brilliant as he is) resulting in the truly remarkable new FRM-2: I now own a pair myself as my reference speakers. Mike lent me a pair and after less than 2 weeks I knew they were going to stay put.
I could not believe a priori that a pair of 50-pound monitor size speakers containing only 2 drivers could (easily) best my pair of 4-driver floor standers. They not only beat the bass pants off them but yield a realism in sound quality (cello, piano, percussion, voice) that very few floor standers can compete with; and the imaging and soundstage is unreal. It is common for someone who visits my abode and hears my system (and feels the couch rumble when low bass is playing; check out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Waiting for the Miracle’) to say, ’so, your subwoofer is over there behind that cabinet, right?’ ‘Wrong,’ I say, and they scratch their head in disbelief.

– Karl Sigman