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Introducing The Alta Audio Statement Tower

We are excited to introduce our new mega-speaker the Alta Audio Statement Tower. Boasting 11 drivers and dual-plane reflection, the Statement Tower is the pinnacle in both power and performance.

Statement Tower

Designing a statement product is not only the culmination of years of work, it is the realization of the dream that began as a teenager playing with components begged, borrowed, or picked from garbage (never stolen!) to create the music I so wanted to hear. It is a very personal thing, and yet it is so much for everyone else to enjoy. The joy of natural instruments playing, the love of the magic that comes through the incredibly talented hands of the performers.
I never learned to play an instrument, as much as I tried, the wiring was just not there. But my love for music was not diminished. So, I did my best to recreate what those more talented than me could create, and in doing so found my own talent. I was wired not to play the music, but to recreate it. That eventually led to electrical engineering, The Audio Engineering Society, a lot of studying and seminars. It was at a seminar given by Richard Small and Neville Thiele that I decided my love was the design of loudspeakers. I see it as not only the most important component, but also the one that dictates the sound of a system. (Of course my friends who design other components will say theirs is).
Over the years I have owned or worked for several companies in the field and in the process garnered patents and industry press acclaim. Yet all of my prior products were designed with cost limitations in mind. This is the first time I have been free to go to any level to reach as close as possible to audiophile perfection. – Designer, Michael Levy

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