June 2014

Customer Review – Karl Sigman

I have been privileged to have heard the FRM-1s numerous times and also to witness the remarkable/ingenious transformations that Mike pulled off (stubborn and brilliant as he is) resulting in the truly remarkable new FRM-2: I now own a pair myself as my reference speakers. Mike lent me a pair and after less than 2 weeks I knew they were going to stay put.
I could not believe a priori that a pair of 50-pound monitor size speakers containing only 2 drivers could (easily) best my pair of 4-driver floor standers. They not only beat the bass pants off them but yield a realism in sound quality (cello, piano, percussion, voice) that very few floor standers can compete with; and the imaging and soundstage is unreal. It is common for someone who visits my abode and hears my system (and feels the couch rumble when low bass is playing; check out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Waiting for the Miracle’) to say, ’so, your subwoofer is over there behind that cabinet, right?’ ‘Wrong,’ I say, and they scratch their head in disbelief.

– Karl Sigman

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Audiophilia.com FRM-2 Review

Audiophilia Star Component

“the bass performance is extraordinary .. most other 2-way monitors could not match it”
“I was hearing the subtleties, power and textures of each instrument. The complete dynamic experience capturing the power of the full orchestra transported me closer to the sound of a live performance.”

“It still amazes me how something so small can produce such a complete and realistic sonic picture.”

“For those of you who want to achieve full range sound without the subwoofer/monitor problems, and don’t want, or can’t accommodate, big floor standers, the FRM-2s will be the answer. It will put that ear to ear grin on your face.”

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