November 2016

Alta Audio at the New York Audio Show – Audiophilia

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In Room 904, Alta Audio was world-premiering their new powerful `Titanium’ loudspeakers ($27,000 a pair), a D’Appolito and dipole design with 5 drivers.

Driven by 2 Krell Solo 375 Class A Monoblock amps ($17,500 a pair), with a Krell Illusion II Preamplifier ($7,000) and supported by Anticables highest level of cabling (interconnects, power, speaker) this was my favorite sounding room.

The soundstage was huge and focused (nothing amorphous) with pinpoint accuracy of imaging, voices had the singer way up high smack in the center andthere was amazing bass and detailed tonal accuracy.

Vinyl was playing on a VPI Avenger, and digital via a Solution 541 SACD Player ($40,000) and a Vanguard Universal DAC ($4,500). I heard the lovely LP `The Well’, by Jennifer Warnes, and lots of Jazz digital.


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