Alta Audio’s loudspeakers are the culmination of over 30 years of experience designing, building, and audiophile-class listening in the high end loudspeaker industry. Our designer has one goal in mind throughout the design process: getting the best and clearest sound reproduction of live music. Holding to this standard, we have developed new technologies allowing us to create a truly superior modern loudspeaker.

What is Alta XTL?

XTL stands for Extended Transmission Line, an Alta Audio proprietary technology used in all our speakers. We developed XTL using specialized sonic geometry to tune our cabinets like musical instruments, allowing all our speakers to deliver unprecedented clear, fast, and powerful bass.


Standard transmission lines can make the bass slow and distorted. The difference between Alta XTL and a standard transmission line is that we tune the cabinet at multiple frequencies, not just one. Think of it like a cello amplifying and extending the notes played off the strings. Our cabinets are tuned to extend the bass of a driver, giving a clean fast bass response that is in a different class than standard transmission line designs.

Coupled with our DampHard technology, Alta XTL shines to create a clear and musical extended resonance free cabinet.

What is DampHard?

As a designer, you try to design a cabinet that doesn’t resonate. Resonances locate your speaker in space, causing you to hear the speaker and its location in the room rather than the music itself. Standard design strategies involve putting heavy padding material inside the cabinet to dampen unwanted resonances. Excessive internal dampening causes the lower frequencies to become muddy and distorted, giving a booming, humming quality to the sound that removes the clarity of the bass. When you have excessive dampening material, you’re hearing the padding instead of the music.


Alta’s solution to this is our proprietary material DampHard: a multi-layered, multi-density material that makes up the walls of all our high-end speaker cabinets. Where standard MDF or other materials would allow certain frequencies to resonate the cabinet, DampHard remains dead to virtually all vibration. This allows us to heavily cut down on a cabinet’s internal padding, maintaining the clarity of the bass.

Coupled with our Alta XTL technology, DampHard allows us to create a truly superior cabinet that acts like a musical instrument, extending the range and clarity of the bass, while keeping the cabinet resonance-free. This combination in all our high-end speaker models creates an unparalleled bass response complete with all the clarity and dimensionality of the music.