…Alta Audio has indeed pulled a rabbit out of a hat with the Alec. As a low cost compromise between the majestic Titanium and its smaller and addictive sibling Celesta while retaining the unique signature sound quality that makes all of Alta audio speakers so special, another winner is born; within arm’s reach of perfectly bridging the two.


Alta Audio’s mission was to create a speaker of modest footprint the sound of a large floor standing speaker Alec loudspeaker certainly met it’s mission objectives, while also delivering the detail, dimensionality, and feel of the live performance.

Alta’s DampHard construction and XTL technology (extended transmission line) perfectly couple the woofer and its housing with your listening room, thus enhancing performance and extending frequency response while producing powerful, perfectly controlled bass. Getting the cabinet right always sounds better than trying to repair it after the fact.

Our scrupulous approach to cabinet development the need to correct unwanted resonances high efficiency and open and natural sonic reproduction. “lifts the veil” would otherwise cloud the subtle details and dimensionality captured in live recordings.

The sum of Alec’s design elements elevates it to a level so much higher than conventional loudspeakers. As company founder and product designer Michael Levy describes it, Alec is an, “MRII, or Music Reproduction Imaging Instrument.”

The term “MRII” was coined by Levy to describe his speaker’s uncanny ability to create a large sonic image while maintaining the proper sizing, placement and timbre of instruments and voices. In Alta’s quest to bridge the gap between the listening room and a live performance we identified a few core concepts that, when applied with care and diligence reveal the magic of the music.

The first and maybe the most important concept is that a microphone is not an eardrum. Simply put, when  designing and tuning a loudspeaker, engineers use a wide array of measurements to assess the behavior and performance of a loudspeaker system. While these measurements can be powerful tools for understanding how a system behaves, they cannot tell us how musical a speaker will sound. In the final analysis, we must use our ears to fine tune beyond what is measured.

The second concept is that more does not necessarily equal better. In the world of modern loudspeakers, technology allows engineers to create systems that act with extreme specificity, subdividing a crossover, and distributing an audio signal across several dedicated drivers. This approach is capable of yielding awe-inspiring results as in our Hestia Titanium., however, the layers of complexity drive up the cost and size.

With Alec, we prove that a properly designed two-way system can yield extraordinarily impressive results. The Alec’s high degree of driver cohesion and alignment creates a massive soundstage by perfectly coupling with a listening space, while the utilization of a high efficiency crossover network and our proprietary XTL bass and DampHard technologies maintain the accuracy in imaging and dynamics for a truly transportive listening experience.

The third concept boils down to how small changes yield significant results. .In our pursuit of life-like sound, we often find that the difference between good and astonishing sound exists in adjustments that are nearly undetectable in measurement, yet to the listener, results in drastic improvements. Understanding this concept is fundamental to Alta’s approach, and is evident in every model we offer.

Once the broad strokes of driver choice and configuration, crossover points, and cabinet design are completed, the art of loudspeaker tuning begins. Through countless hours of experimentation and listening, Michael Levy has refined his tuning ability to pinpoint accuracy, and applies his understanding that in many cases illustrates how less is more. He found that the delicate fine tuning of crossover values which would normally be considered within tolerance, reveals the refined qualities of audiophile sound.

These small changes can be the difference between listening to a pair of speakers and being transported to the time and space of a performance. When correctly applied, these small changes are the final component in achieving the waveform cohesion that defies the senses and creates transcendent sound.

It was through these concepts that The Alec was born. When they came together, we were astonished by the performance.  We believe you will be, too!

The Alec is the result of our determination to bring you the best sound possible. Designed with care and diligence and a focus on dimensionality and realism; a supreme example of what is possible in audio.


Elegant Ribbon Tweeter

A 3rd generation ribbon tweeter with excellent clarity and dynamics powers the exceptional upper register of the Alec.

  • 3-rd generation ribbon driver technology
  • 12mm width reinforced sandwich ribbon diaphragm
  • High power handling, low distortion, very fast transient response
  • Strong Neodymium magnet

Full-range Driver
Versatile Woofer

Wide-band Midrange/Woofer

The Alec’s state of the art midrange/woofer driver is designed for enhanced clarity and dimensionality.

  • Heavy-duty 6-hole cast frame
  • Black anodized cone
  • Solid aluminum phase plug
  • Low-loss rubber surround
  • Accurate, smooth frequency response

Clearer, Faster, More Powerful Bass

All our cabinets are specially designed with our proprietary sonic geometry, making our cabinets themselves musical instruments that boost the bass of our speakers while delivering unparalleled clarity and speed.

Hear the Music, Not the Speaker

Our proprietary multi-layer, multi-density cabinet material dampens resonance at all frequencies. With a cabinet dead of resonance the speaker fades into the music creating clear, open, and dimensional sound reproduction.

Height: 39 inches, 40.5 inches with spikes

Width: 8.5 inches at top, 15 inches at bottom

Depth: 10.5 inches at top, 12.5 inches at bottom

Weight: 75 lbs

Driver complement:

– One 5 3/4 inch ribbon tweeter

– One 8 3/4 inch midrange woofer

Sensitivity: 93 dB / 2.83 Volts @

Frequency response: 32Hz to 47kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Requirements: 50 to 150 Watts per channel

Alta XTL Bass with DampHard faceplate

Black Onyx High Gloss finish