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Titanium Hestia Owner Endorsement

Jon Aiken

As a current owner of the Hestia Titaniums, your review of the speaker is very accurate and pinpoints the virtues of the speaker; unbelievable transparency, enormous soundstage with pinpoint accuracy of the 3D stereo image, timbral accuracy, exceptional deep bass extension, detailed, and dynamic with astonishing attack and decay. But what the review fails to communicate is how beautiful these speaker’s are (from my wife) in high gloss black and the magnitude of how good these speakers are compared to its competition. The Hestia’s easily bested Martin Logan’s new Renaissance ESL 15A’s, which they replaced in my home and the Wilson Audio Sasha II’s and the higher priced Alexia’s that I was considering. The Hestia’s disappear in my room and all I hear is each musician in their space as if they were in the room with me – scary. They are an awesome speaker and a must have if you love music.

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Customer Review – Karl Sigman

I have been privileged to have heard the FRM-1s numerous times and also to witness the remarkable/ingenious transformations that Mike pulled off (stubborn and brilliant as he is) resulting in the truly remarkable new FRM-2: I now own a pair myself as my reference speakers. Mike lent me a pair and after less than 2 weeks I knew they were going to stay put.
I could not believe a priori that a pair of 50-pound monitor size speakers containing only 2 drivers could (easily) best my pair of 4-driver floor standers. They not only beat the bass pants off them but yield a realism in sound quality (cello, piano, percussion, voice) that very few floor standers can compete with; and the imaging and soundstage is unreal. It is common for someone who visits my abode and hears my system (and feels the couch rumble when low bass is playing; check out Leonard Cohen’s ‘Waiting for the Miracle’) to say, ’so, your subwoofer is over there behind that cabinet, right?’ ‘Wrong,’ I say, and they scratch their head in disbelief.

– Karl Sigman

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Customer Review – Martin Appel

The ALTA FRM-2’s are a 2-way stand mounted monitor that will reshape your concept on what a 2-way monitor is capable of. They will amaze and astound you with their ability to recreate the performance with such a high degree of verisimilitude that you lose yourself in it. The outrageous bass production of the ALTA FRM-2’s rivals that of many floor standing reference speakers creating a new standard in the industry. Congratulations, Michael Levy, you’ve finally done it.

Martin Appel

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