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The new Alyssa loudspeaker, combining compact dimensions with intimate detail and deep, natural bass response, for outstanding sonic output that is typically associated with much larger speakers.

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Celesta FRM-2

The one that started it all. The Celesta FRM-2 is our signature speaker. It is in our highest class: a 2-way monitor with unsurpassed clarity and bass response.


The Alec is the result of our determination to bring you the best sound possible. Designed with care and diligence and a focus on dimensionality and realism; a supreme example of what is possible in audio.

Titanium Hestia

State of the Art design featuring new “Dipolito” configuration and all Titanium former drivers.


An audition will make you wonder how it can recreate the space and specificity of the concert hall while packing the wallop and power of live instruments.



Our lightweight speaker utilizing a single full-range driver and the Alta XTL system for an unmatched quality of bass for a speaker of its size, the Solo packs a punch.



The Rhea packs a punch with a small footprint as our prime example of a 2 way floorstander. Featuring DampHard and Alta XTL technology the Rhea is both unimposing and powerful.



The Lelantos holds to our standards of quality as our beautiful example of a 3 way floor-standing speaker. Featuring high-quality drivers and a sleek rosewood finish, the Lelantos is dressed to impress.


Statement Tower

Our flagship speaker, the Statement Tower is our highest class speaker designed to outperform any speaker on the market.