Alta Audio to Debut Affordable Rhea Loudspeaker at RMAF

Brand will show new model and custom color options for entire line

For Immediate Release

October 1, 2015 – Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Denver, CO – Alta Audio ( room 542 at RMAF) announced today the official debut of their new Rhea loudspeaker system. The Rhea ‘s tapered cabinet is not only attractive but projects dynamics and soundstage belying its 36 ½ height.

In addition, the company has announced a new program that will allow a customer to order a custom high quality finish in virtually any color on all models.

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Press in need of Hi-res photos of the Rhea can download them here: Rhea Hi-res


“The new Rhea is unimposing in physical size, but presents a large and wide image with extraordinary bass. An audition will make you wonder how it can recreate the space and specificity of the concert hall while packing the wallop and power of live instruments” says Mike Levy, CEO of Alta Audio.The Rhea uses all of the “signature” technologies used in the top models of the line. For example, XTL transmission line bass and DampHard cabinet construction for the front baffle. As to be expected top of the line components have been carefully selected by ear for the crossover and cabling.

The two-way Rhea features a 7″ woofer in the XTL transmission line loading and is capable of achieving 32 Hz (-3dB) an amazing achievement for a driver of its size. The woofer/midrange blends smoothly and seamlessly into the five inch pure ribbon tweeter, creating a sweet sound that can move you physically, while presenting intimate details of three dimensional images from the front to the deepest parts of the concert hall.

The cabinet is finished by hand in our Connecticut manufacturing facility. The standard finish is a beautiful Spanish Rosewood.

One other “signature feature” is the unique concave design. In addition to its eye-appeal, the shape works to break up standing waves both in the transmission line and in the room. When standing wave resonances are present, there is a fog on the clarity of images, and the timbre of instruments is thrown off.

Alta Audio’s concave shape makes for a smooth and dynamic open sound that has all of the overtones of the instruments proportionately correct.


Height: 35 inches, 36.5 inches with spikes
Width: 8 inches at top, 12 inches at bottom
Depth: 11 inches
Weight: 49 lbs
Driver complement
One 5 3/4 inch ribbon tweeter
One 7 inch woofer
Sensitivity: 87.5 dB / 2.83 Volts @
Frequency response: 32Hz to 47kHz
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Requirements: 50 to 150 Watts per channel
Alta XTL Bass with DampHard faceplate
Rosewood finish standard
Price: $4,495 per pair – delivering mid-October

New Custom Color Program

Alta manufactures and finishes ALL of their products in their Bridgeport Connecticut facility. In the past they have received inquiries from customers who were interested in finishes other than the standard hand finished multi-coat black acrylic or the hand rubbed rosewood finishes that are standard.
“In the past we have accommodated these requests for custom colors on a case by case basis” said Michael Levy. “But frankly we didn’t have a formal program or procedures, now we do!” Levy continues.

Beginning in November customers and dealers will be able to order from a choice of hand finished multi-coat acrylic lacquers. Any finish from 1968 stingray metallic blue, red, white, green or any color the customer wants will be available. They can even send a sample to be matched. These finishes can be applied to all of the line including those speakers currently only available in veneer: Rhea and Lelantos.

Alta will also be offering custom veneer choices if the customer prefers the look of natural wood finishes. The custom colors and finishes will be available at additional cost.

About Alta Audio

Alta Audio’s loudspeakers are the culmination of over 30 years of experience designing, building, and audiophile-class listening in the high end loudspeaker industry. Our designer has one goal in mind throughout the design process: getting the best and clearest sound reproduction of live music. Holding to this standard, we have developed new technologies allowing us to create a truly superior modern loudspeaker.

Brand Contact
Michael Levy – CEO
Media Contact
To be announced
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Products on Demonstration, Room 542

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015


Alta Audio Rhea – $4,495 per pair, Rosewood finish
Alta Audio Solo – $1,500 – 2,000 per pair, depending on finish
Press information –

Electronics and sources

aqua acoustic quality La Scala mkII DAC – $5,600
aqua acoustic quality La Diva cd-transport – $8c500
Nuprime DAC-10 pre-amp – $1,500
Nuprime REF20 mono-blocks – $7,600
Antipodes DS server – $2,700
Antipodes DX server – $6,500+, depending on storage
Monaco v1.5 turntable – $23,500
— w/ Tri-Planar Ultimate 12” arm – $9,800
— Lyra Scala cartridge – $3,995
Tom Evans Groove + Phono Stage – $7,500

Equipment Rack

WoodCote 4 shelf stand, walnut – $4,500
Monaco Modular 4 shelf Isolation stand – $6,450
w/ Formula Shelf upgrade – $2,100
w/ Apex footer upgrade – $998

Cables and Interconnects

Waveform Fidelity
— HE mk3 HC power cords 5’ – $529
— HE mk3 source power cords 5’ – $779
— 1.5 meter GS mk3 XLR IC pairs – $1,695 / pr
— 2 meter GS mk3 RCA IC pair – $1,895 / pr
— GS speaker jumpers – $595 / 2 pr
— 8′ GS mk3 speaker cables – $2,495 / pr

Press contacts

Alta Audio – Ken Furst – – 201.826.7402 mobile
Antipodes – Bill Leebens – – 941.807.7880 mobile
aqua acoustic quality – Mark Sossa – – 703.750.5461
Grand Prix Audio – Alvin Lloyd – – 970.247.2872
Nuprime – Jason Lim – – 702.997.2191
Waveform Fidelity – Paul Kaplan – – 347.742.4371